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2020年3月26日 星期四

Anti-corrosion roof and its components

We can supply anti-corrosion roof and its components especially for heavy corrosion area. like galvanizing, steel mill plants, husbandry ...

The material made by polyester, ASA synthetic resin, APVC and FRP


2020年3月18日 星期三

The analysis result of recycle zinc from ash

Most of galvanizers worry that 主題標籤galvanizing 主題標籤ash 主題標籤recycle 主題標籤zinc can be reuse or not? we had send samples to analysis. find the detail in below. BTY, You can not ONLY add ash recycle zinc that will increase the dross due to Fe content. but 80/20 or 70/30 will a good ratio.

#The analysis of zinc from different area

Sample A was from zinc bath, and sample B was from our ash recycle system. You can find the Fe has been increased because during melting process the zinc will also effect with steel drum. Second, recycle zinc content higher aluminum because it was recycled from top ashes (Most aluminum will float on top of zinc bath.) On the other hand the client add lead into zinc bath due to surface request, most of their product is casting product.

2020年2月10日 星期一

Galvanizing: Zinc Ash recovery system.

When you are a galvanizer, you will face some waste to treatment includes Rinse water, Spend acid, Sludge, Dross, Ash...etc. Some of them are valuable like dross and Ash; some of them need to pay for treatment like spend acid or sludges. Today we would like to introduce our Ash recovery system, even ash is a valuable product but we still can get more add values. 

The ash will be created each dipping than workers are skimming to the side for quality reason. When ash accumulate more and more, workers will scoop up ash from kettle to drum. This is the traditional practice, Some Asian countries will ask workers to re-fill ash on kettle then pushing till ash color changes, but it will create lots of fumes and it is hard jobs. So it was not easy to teach workers to scoop the ash from kettle, it needs experience accumulation and practices harder. Once you have a machine, you don't need to worry the worker creates money loss.

Our system is easy to operate. Worker scoops ashes into our drum directly beside the kettle. When the drum has 80% full (Max. 800kg/drum) then put the cover on and move it into our system by forklift. After 4 hours machine running, open the hole on the drum you can get the metal zinc back. Then let the drum cooling remove residues from it will complete a cycle. 

The calculation:
If ash created 800 kg/day and recycle one drum per day.
Our average recovery rate is 70%
The zinc price base on USD 2,000 / ton for calculation as below:
  1. recycled zinc value:(0.8 ton × 70%) × USD 2,000 / ton = $ 1,120
  2. residues value:(0.8 ton × 30%) × USD 2,000 / ton × 10% = $ 48
  3. ash price:0.8 ton × USD 2,000 / ton × 40% = $ 640
  4. max fuel cost:16 m3/H × 4 H × 0,7 USD/m3 = $ 44.8
  5. worker/amortization:$ 40/drum. day

The BENEFIT = (1) + (2) - (3) - (4) - (5) = $ 443.2 per day

If your ash created 20 tons per month, then you can save $ 11,000 per month.
The system ROI will less than 6 months!!!

Below are some of our system photos. 

▲the Zinc Ash Recovery system. (ZARS)

2020年2月5日 星期三

Kettle change: Zinc pump

If you are a galvanizer, did you out source the kettle change to other company or you handle the job by yourself? what ever your decision you must to have a reliable pump.

Our pump is made in Taiwan with frequency control, (It can adjust the pump speed for fitting worker tempo.) It also can dipping to bottom of kettle. (don't need to move down with zinc level). The blade around 100mm hight which can make sure remain zinc level less than 100mm. (less weight for kettle lifting.)

Left.) Frequency control panel.
Middle.) Bottom view of  pump body. (Blade side.)
Right.) Top view of pump body.(Motor side.)

2019年7月19日 星期五

The kettle from W.Pilling arrival.

This kettle size is 6.8M (L) x 1.7M (W) x 2.7M (D) fit for 4 burners furnaces.

#kettle delivered on site_1

#kettle delivered on site_2

#kettle lifting by 200 to crane from roof_1

#kettle lifting by 200 to crane from roof_2

2014年4月24日 星期四

Metal Grating specification.

We can supply steel grating without cutting (995mm x 6000mm) or galvanizing grating (fix size) form Taiwan.

The different Bearing bar specification as below:

▲ Flat Bar size 
Cross bar can be 6mmx 6mm or 8mm x 8mm.

▲ I Bar size 
Cross bar can be 6mmx 6mm or 8mm x 8mm.

Any problems please connect with us.

Yongsun corporation.
Nick Fang.
+886 2 2881 7288

Zn-Ni Alloy.

We can supply Zn-Ni Alloy for galvanizing plant.

Specification: 0.5% Ni, 1% Al, Zn others.
Shape: Ingot, 10 kg/each.
min. order: 10 tons.

a.) save zinc consumption. (especially high Silicon content steel.)
b.) reduce burn-out on parts surface.
c.) save energy cost.

Sandelin curve 

 Our Zn-Ni Alloys