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2014年4月24日 星期四

Metal Grating specification.

We can supply steel grating without cutting (995mm x 6000mm) or galvanizing grating (fix size) form Taiwan.

The different Bearing bar specification as below:

▲ Flat Bar size 
Cross bar can be 6mmx 6mm or 8mm x 8mm.

▲ I Bar size 
Cross bar can be 6mmx 6mm or 8mm x 8mm.

Any problems please connect with us.

Yongsun corporation.
Nick Fang.
+886 2 2881 7288

Zn-Ni Alloy.

We can supply Zn-Ni Alloy for galvanizing plant.

Specification: 0.5% Ni, 1% Al, Zn others.
Shape: Ingot, 10 kg/each.
min. order: 10 tons.

a.) save zinc consumption. (especially high Silicon content steel.)
b.) reduce burn-out on parts surface.
c.) save energy cost.

Sandelin curve 

 Our Zn-Ni Alloys

Grating Cutting machine

Automatic Grating Cutting Machine

Just only setting final grating dimension by PLC, than machine can automatic cutting till finish.

1. Knife wear less.
2. Noise less.
3. Fast(Flat-bar 50x6mm need 7 mins from 6M long.)
4. Manpower less(each man can take care 3 cutters.)

If you are interesting, please don't hesitant to connect with us!!

Nick Fang
Email: nick@yongsun.com.tw
TEL:02 28817288