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2012年6月25日 星期一

RUF press system technology (briquette machine)

Welcome to RUF, your Partner for sustainable cost optimisation! 

RUF system technology is worldwide employed to profitably reduce the volume of shavings and swarfs, to recycle wood and compress biomass. RUF Hydraulic machines compact saw dust, wood chips, bark and wood dust and biomass such as peat, hay and miscanthus. Even residues such as paper, cotton, styrofoam or dusts can be disposed of safely and clean by means of a briquetting machine. RUF metal presses compact scrap metal, aluminium, steel and castings. They a improve the melting yield, drain-off water and de-oil. RUF Briquetting systems offer a compact solution for almost any kind of organic and inorganic material.

Let us have more information through below video.

2012年6月24日 星期日

A speech by Mario Ubiali of ZINCO.

Our friend Mario Ubiali of  ZINCO Services SRL have a speech on June 11 at  Intergalva 2012. Detail please of this speech please check below connect presentation information.

TOPIC: The Atlas Project: Using Advanced Computerized Modelling to Explore Heat Transfer and Efficiency in Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnaces and Kettles

2012年6月21日 星期四

Galvanized Grating

we can provide all kind of grating type as your requested. if you are interesting in our grating, please leave your message.

Classified by flat bar of grating

Classified by surface treatment of grating

1. Black color grating (surface being unfinished)
2. Hot dip galvanized grating:
>>Hot dip galvanizing will normally be performed after the completion of welding and grinding, and according to the requirements of the buyer. The minimums average galvanized coating is 75u approx (550g/㎡of weight)
>>Hot dip galvanizing conforms to the following equivalent standards: CNS1247, 1007, BS729 & ASTM123.

3.Paint spra grating:
This finish can by applied before or after galvanizing and normally performed according to the requirements of the buyer.

our advantages:
1. Good Quality: all of our plant are qualified by ISO 9001 ans ASTM stander.
2. Good Price: we can provide more competition price for you.
3. Fast Delivery: we can confirmed 20 days on board after received order.
4. Designing: base on different request to design for customer.


2012年6月20日 星期三

義大利鋅鍋檢測技術 - 2012 發表訊息

我們義大利的夥伴在2012 歐洲鍍鋅會議 (Intergalva 2012) 所發表的資料。


2012年5月29日 星期二

About us.

Our history:
Yongsun Corporation was started in December 1996, located in Taipei, Taiwan. Our company is positioned as engineering trading company that specializes in non-ferrous metal, raw materials, industrial process chemicals products and equipment for China and Taiwan customers, as well as the introduction of term key technology. Yongsun Co., Ltd. has over ten years of international experience in trade and professional engineering services to provide customers the most comprehensive planning and services 

Our annual turnover is approx fifteen million U.S. dollars. We have totally twelve employees in Taiwan. According closer and working to clients that we establish our china branch in Dalian, in October 2004 which named Dalian Yongsun Corporation. Our office located Jinzhou District, Dalian and preparation twenty employees. The goal and target of DYS that we can continue provide technology services and information to China customer on time.

Otherwise, in order to reduce equipment investment cost in customer side, we establish a furnaces assembly factory in December 2006 named Westech China Co., Ltd. which joint venture with Western technology U.S.A. WTC also located in Jinzhou, Dalian and its major product is galvanizing furnace and other galvanizing side equipments. The goal of WTC is reduce import cost and cost down manufacturing than feedback to customer. 

Our services scope:
Galvanizing industry:
Hot dip galvanizing plant turn key planning, design and consultant.  It is including High velocity galvanizing furnaces, W.Pilling kettle, BETA acid recovery system, bag filter, scrubber, waste water electrolysis system, Flux cleaning system, automation small furnaces, Fastener galvanizing line, Heat recovery, Polypropylene (PP) plate and hot-rolled stainless composite plate etc.

In material supply that we can provide Zinc ingot, Zn-Ni alloys and Zn-Al alloys
In galvanizing process that we also can provide HCL/H2SO4 inhibitor, non-Cr passivation, acid / alkaline degreaser, Hi performance Flux, Zn ash reducer etc.

Steel making industry
We are the licenser of CastCoat technology in Asia for Corus Group. CastCoat is a patented coating on top of copper plates for continuous steel casting mould.

Recycler industry:
We can provide RUF briquetting machine for any metal chips and organic chips. It is a very good solution for chips from process.

Magnesium industry:
We can provide die casting machine, W. Pilling Crucible, Flux, anodizing tech for magnesium customers.

Copper industry:
We are also can supply Upcast casting furnaces for copper or brass, Zaldivar Copper cathode, any mother copper alloys.

Electrical industry:
We can supply EDM wires for cutting.

We can supply other industry equipments like grating welding machine, cutting machine, Bio-mass bricks etc

The background of our president:
Mr. Frank Shy
Auburn University Mechanical Master, PhD,
-         Senior Engineer twenty-eight years,
-         Twenty two years international trade practice,
-         Twenty years of business management qualifications.
Previous posts:
-         Design engineer, Yong Chin Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. 
-         Assistant professor, Mechanical Engineering Department of Feng Chia University.
-         QC Engineer, Taichung Office of the Metal Industries research and development Centre.
-         Professor assistant, Mechanical Engineering Department of Auburn University
-         NASA Research Assistant Scholarship ,
-         Section manager of Shenger Corporation.
-         President of Yongsun Corporation
-         President of Dalian Yongsun Corporation
-         President of Westech China Co., Ltd.
Mechanical, materials, metallurgy, automation, environmental protection, electronics, nanotechnology etc.

Honor of Yongsu
-         Member of Galvanizing association of Taiwan (2006-2011)
-         5th director of Galvanizing association of Taiwan (2011-2014)
-         Vice chairman of International Affairs Committee of TGA (2006-2010, 2011-2014)
-         Hot dip galvanizing committee member of Chinese society for corrosion and protection (CSCP) (2011)
-         Member of Taiwan magnesium association (2003-2011)
-         Director of Taiwan magnesium association (2003-2009, 2009-2012)
-         Member of Wire & Cable Asia
-         Member of Taiwan Waste Reduction Association
-         Members of Powder Metallurgy Association of R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Our Motto
-         Serious and responsible attitude,
-         Professional and depth technical expertise
-         Service on time.
-         Standing on feel for others