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2012年6月21日 星期四

Galvanized Grating

we can provide all kind of grating type as your requested. if you are interesting in our grating, please leave your message.

Classified by flat bar of grating

Classified by surface treatment of grating

1. Black color grating (surface being unfinished)
2. Hot dip galvanized grating:
>>Hot dip galvanizing will normally be performed after the completion of welding and grinding, and according to the requirements of the buyer. The minimums average galvanized coating is 75u approx (550g/㎡of weight)
>>Hot dip galvanizing conforms to the following equivalent standards: CNS1247, 1007, BS729 & ASTM123.

3.Paint spra grating:
This finish can by applied before or after galvanizing and normally performed according to the requirements of the buyer.

our advantages:
1. Good Quality: all of our plant are qualified by ISO 9001 ans ASTM stander.
2. Good Price: we can provide more competition price for you.
3. Fast Delivery: we can confirmed 20 days on board after received order.
4. Designing: base on different request to design for customer.